How Can We Delete Bad Memories?

11254 views | 05 Apr 2010

Q: Memory (smriti) compels every one to do things - positive or negative, even if one does not desire. Man can't control himself when memory comes into the mind strongly. Is it possible to washout all negative memories from our mind? Some Bhog related memories disturb the mind in satsang or meditation. Please advice and give margdarshan. Gurumaa: Number one - it is not the memory which compels you to do certain things. Memory is just part of your subconscious and we do need our memories & good or bad - each memory becomes a bench mark to understand various things which are going to occur in your life. The present scenario is very much well connected with our past. Even your name Anita is a memory. If you loose this memory, how would you function? This is a table, this is a chair, this is a man, this is a woman, this is a bird, this is a sky, this is earth, this all objective knowledge, this information is stored in your mind as memory. So it is not the memory which compels you to do certain things, it is the urges. It is the association that I will get excitement when I do this or when I did that long time ago, I enjoyed it immensely. For example, when I walked in rain I enjoyed a lot. Now when you saw the rain happening, your memory is going to refreshen you up & tell you that how enjoyable it was walking in the rain. But this memory isnt going to drag you out of your room & take you outside. It is your intellect which is going to decide whether you wish to go for it, whether you wish to perform an action or whether you are just going to hold back as a memory and thank you very much I dont wish to act upon it. So our actions are not just based upon our memories but it is the excitement, the portion of enjoyment, the portion of pleasure which you had gained, which gives you an impulse to decide to do an action which might be good, which might be wrong but definitely memories are not hindrance. Why do we need to delete the memory? Even a bad memory is good for us because it teaches you not to repeat that same foolish action which had given you or people around you pain & anguish. Memories are not meant to be deleted but we need to be aloof & disassociated with our memories and use our higher wisdom to make right choices in the present life.

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