How Does One Run Inward And Look Within During Meditation?

4284 views | 10 Jul 2009

How does one run inward and look within during meditation? GURUMAA: Amrit, we dont have to run inward. Why do you have to use this word run? Run is a word, which you can use only when you are going away from yourself, from in to out, from internality to externality, then we can say run, but when we say going in, then we dont run to go in, since you are already established in your being, you just need to be in that centre, and being in the existence. And in your true existence, you are sat chit ananda, you are the holiest of holy, you are the supreme absolute existence. Be centred in this, that is what is required in the meditation and that is what is required when you are listening satsang and this feeling I am not body alone, I am not mind, I am not the changing patterns of my mind, I am not just emotions, I am not just this limited self, I am the infinite absolute truthful existence, this is what we can call the centring within the being. And the more you are established in this, one fine day, you will see, that even when you are working, doing all kinds of actions, still you are centred, still you are glowing in your illuminating light.

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