How To Catch The Gap Between Two Words?

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Parnaam Gurudev, As you told Maa that there is gap between every two words. Between every two words there is a interval or silence and you told us to catch that silence and interval between two words. How can we catch that gap or a silence to be a good seeker and meditator? Gurumaa: Karan, for that you need to be more silent because when you are listening to me, your mind is constantly thinking about what I am speaking. Not only is your mind listening and thinking about what I am speaking, but it will have a parallel line of thinking of some other subjects too and this may lead you to off-the-track thinking. So, the first and foremost thing is that you should quiet up your breath. You should be breathing very deep, very, very deep. The deeper the breath, the more silent the mind would be and in the silence it will be very easy to catch up the silence in between two words. It would be easy to catch that gap which is always there, in your breath, in my words, in anything you do, this gap is always there and it is the sacred space which you should not miss at all.

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