How To Cope Up With Odd Behavior Of My Paralyzed Son?

1633 views | 02 Jul 2009

Gurumaa, humble greetings. My spirit is being tortured by the behavior of my paralyzed 24 year old son. He suffered the spinal cord injury in 2005 and can move only his head. He refuses to do anything to help himself and specially rejects my advice. He only remains adamant in doing what he wants which is staying up all night on his computer. The only option I see left is psychiatrist. How can my spirit be peaceful? When I feel so much pain, Yog Nidra brings some quiet for short time. A: Tania, as such I think so for him a psychiatrist would help definitely. But you being tortured because of his behavior is your weakness. He is sick, he is paralyzed, he is on the bed. I wonder then how can he watch the computer. Who puts the computer on for the child. Well, there is something, may be some ground realities of your home which need to be addressed and about the anguish which you are feeling, I think so, that the important thing which you can do for yourself first is, accept that your son is in pain and he cant do anything about that pain. So he is angry, he is really upset and anger is like steam, the steam has to be released and he is releasing it out on you. I know it is painful and difficult for you to handle this rough rude behavior of your son but yet this is the reality of your life and his life also, that you have to deal with this situation and this situation can only be dealt with understanding with love alone. Thats what can help. So first know this that you have to be really compassionate to your son and everything else will slowly begin to be more conducive to you. Keep doing your Yog Nidra. Tania, it will definitely help you. If possible you can do Sakriye Dhyan the Urja also along with that. The combination of Urja and Yog Nidra will really empower you and would make you able enough to deal with the situation, the difficult situation which you have with your son. My greetings and my warmth go to you. May God give you peace and may you be able to create peace around you and also be little more compassionate for your son. Thats the best what you can do being his mother.

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