How To Get Rid Of Inferiority Complex?

6991 views | 30 May 2011

Question: Till now, I have not attended any of your meditation camp. Can you tell me how can I get rid of my inferiority complex? Sometimes I am scared of my peer group, I feel that I am beneath them and they are superior! Gurumaa: Well, seeing someone as superior and yourself as inferior is actually not inferiority complex, actually I believe it is you think you are better than them, but in action you cannot prove this point. Hence, your weakness comes out as inferiority complex, but in reality it is superiority complex. Because if you know about a certain thing then you do that thing and you don't compare yourself with anyone else, when you do compare yourself with anyone then it is just a symbol, a sign that you are unsure of yourself. This brings low self-esteem and low-confidence. So just work on yourself and see what good and great you have within you and begin to enhance those qualities. This will help you to stop comparing yourself with other people.

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