How To Help My Husband Overcome His Addictions?

3718 views | 30 May 2011

Question: I have a question for my husband. He has alcohol or may be other addictions and he disappears from home for 3+ days at 2-3 months ongoing for several years now. We have tried rehab but no changes. I want to help him and I believe God is my only answer. But I'm not sure what religious practices should I follow or have him start following? He says he is ready to change but not sure how. Gurumaa: I don't know whether to believe what your husband is saying or not because if the rehab did not work for him, this means that he in his deeper mind is not ready to bring this change. For alcoholism, there is a need for structural help and procedures are available, and rehab can definitely work, but if your husband is really interested in coming out of this habit, if he is sincere, then it should not be difficult to overcome at all. Maybe you and your husband can come here and see me in person, and then maybe we can take this thing to the next level.

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