How To Manage Conflicts Till Some Spiritual Height Is Achieved?

297 views | 31 Jan 2010

Pranams. I am blessed that you are my guru for the spiritual journey. However, my wife comments that I have not transformed even after coming under your influence. You reminded me when visted Bangalore that please rise in love and not fall in love with Gurumaa. This has impacted me a lot. I believe that the spiritual journey is gradual and a progressive one. Please guide me as to how to manage such conflicts at home till some significant improvements are seen in me? Gurumaa: Manjunath, you really love your wife a lot hence you get so disturbed if she say something to you. So please check upon the real cause, is not your spiritual progress or what I said to you. The real problem is your male ego which got hurt upon your wifes this comment that you have not yet transformed; because no husband would ever like to be seen as an inefficient, un-evolved, and unintelligent in eyes of his wife. Because you yourself have written that this spiritual journey is a gradual & a progressive one. So why should you have doubt about it. So be focused on yourself & learn to your ego even in front of your wife. The ego is always a problem when you interact with your Guru or whether you interact with your wife. Dont let this cheap, mean thing called ego to come in between you & your wife & in between you and your spiritual growth.

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