How To Pull Out Oneself From Suicidal Tendencies?

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Q : I have come to know that no body is mine, I am loosing my emotional attachments to all. Now I want to find myself & want to live in myself. I know its not an easy task as I have a family. If I live here I think I will commit suicide.Gurumaa:Dear Deepika! Dont ever think to commit suicide. It is a bigger challenge to live your life in the world and it is just an escapist route in which one can do a foolish act of committing suicide. I dont think so you can be called a spiritual person because a spiritual person would never ever think about committing suicide. He may or she may think about running away from the home to the Guru & may be spend some time, quality time with the Guru and get your self trained & get yourself a disciplined life style. And then go back to the family to complete your obligations & responsibilities. But the suicide word is just showing that you are simply a depressed person. May be something wrong has happened in your emotional interactions with people. May be one individual or more than one individual and hence you think that you have non-attachment. Whereas I think you are just a stressed out person, who really needs psychological help.

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