How To Recognise Whether We Are On The Right Path?

636 views | 15 Dec 2009

Q : Dear Gurumaa! Greetings! I want to ask - struggle is inherent in any human being's life. How to recognise whether we are struggling on the right path? For example, if we wish to attain a certain goal which is eluding us every time, how to recognize whether that goal is worth trying again and again or is it simply best to forget it and pursue some other option/goal? Gurumaa Answer: Radhika, you are playing a game with me and the game is guess! What do I want to know? Well, I cannot do the guessing. This part is surely true that life gives us challenges and life presents us opportunities where we struggle and we strive to know & strive to gain from those situations; and we are destined to face certain difficult situations in our life. But no challenge can be that big, that it can shake me or move me. On the contrary, an individual who has a very deep resolve and a great determination can turn any rock and any mountain without any difficulty. Because when she thinks that this thing is going to be difficult, then indeed it will be difficult.

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