How To Understand Presence Of Intuitive Powers In Oneself?

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Q: Pranam Gurumaa When I was 7-8 years old, I had a feeling that my mom will leave us very soon. Today, I am 21years old and it's been two years that maa is no more. She had cancer. Doctors discovered it at the very last stage. I feel really sad & guilty. Do not know why! Once I really wanted to visit a distant grand-father. But due to some reasons, we could not. Later in the week, he Expire. In my dreams, at times, I already know whether I am going to pass or fail my exams. Also, when I go somewhere, I feel as if I had been there before but I have really never been there before. At times, when I do something, I feel like I did this before but I never did. Why does this happen to me? Is that intuition & I cant understand. The funny part is that when I was 10, for my CPE exams, I dreamed about the first 3 questions. I would not mind dreaming about my exams papers. But how do you explain this? Gurumaa : See Sunaina, our mind is hooked up to the other minds which are around us. Some times you may call it a bad short circuit of your brain or you may call it is something coming in a flash & you are able to peep into the things or it is also possible that it is coincidently happening because some times there are certain things which you feel & your brain works on a very different mechanism & your brain is of such a peanut size, it can not logically understand & explain everything & anything which is happening around us. So the brain goes boggled down to understand what really happens but heart has its own language. So you cant say that these certain intuitive flashes are coming to you but as you are saying it yourself you dont know how it happens and you dont know why it happens. So better dont go on that path of why & how. Just live your life without any fear, without any expectations and enhance the quality of life which you are living with beautiful things. Not those things which would happen some time in your future but those things which you can create in this present moment.

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