Hridaya Samvaada : 17 Oct 2021

41606 views | 17 Oct 2021

Today's session of Hridaya Samvaada commenced with the explanation of the meaning of the newly released track 'Bindu Mein Sindhu'; a track imbued with the highest Advaita Vedanta wisdom. Revered master reminded everyone of the priceless wisdom given by our wise Rishis. Various queries related to Karma, rebirth, the states of jagrat, swapan, sushupti, meditation, self-realization, & more were answered in today's session of Hridaya Samvaada with revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. The session concluded with a beautiful poem 'Mujhe apna jeevan banana na aaya, Ruthe prabhu ko manana na aaya'...

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