Hridaya Samvaada: 5 May 2020

9554 views | 05 May 2020

Today's Hridaya Samvaada began with explanation of gurbani shabad. काइआ रोगु न छिद्रु किछु ना किछु काड़ा सोगु ॥ मिरतु न आवी चिति तिसु अहिनिसि भोगै भोगु ॥ Kaya rog na chhidr kichh na kichh kara sog॥ Mirat na aavi chit tis ahnis bhoge bhog || The master emphasised the importance doing spiritual practices & staying calm in these difficult times. Precious words of wisdom on who is a sadhu, sign of a true devotee, devotion towards Guru or Ishta, meditation technique of doing mantra with breath were given by the master. Anandmurti Gurumaa answered question asked by seekers about vedanta, spiritual practices, stress, social issues, spiritual guidance for the youth & many more. Imbibe the priceless wisdom & live stress free! At Rishi Chaitanya Ashram Ganaur, Haryana 5 May 2020.

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