Hridaya Samvaada : 7 November 2021

38468 views | 07 Nov 2021

Revered master elaborated upon the difference between Vyakta (with form) and Avyakta (formless) by citing shlokas from Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Attachment with body and its relationships, the meaning of viparya, samadhi and self-realisation, worshipping of Saguna Brahman, the purpose of doing Aarti, practicing Yama & Niyama as a householder, chanting Om Namah Shivaya with breath, taming the stubborn mind, master-disciple relationship and answers to questions 'Does feeling of physical pain change after self-realisation?' 'How is Nidra Vritti causing vikshepa when there is the absence of everything?' & much more in today's session of Hridaya Samvaada with Anandmurti Gurumaa. Streamed live from Rishi Chaitanya Ashram on, Sunday 7 November 2021 at 11 am. Stay tuned to the divine wisdom & bliss! You may email your spiritual queries to

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