I Feel Heavy Vibrations During Meditation!

56572 views | 10 Jul 2009

Question: I have been doing this breathing meditation from two months. I just simply watch my breath in or out. After 20 minutes, I feel that my body is under heavy vibration and there is some pain as well in both elbows. Please guide me as to why this happens or should I stop this meditation? Gurumaa Answers: Well, sitting and watching your breath is a very beautiful way of meditation. It is called Passive meditation. Keep on doing it and regarding the pain which you feel in your elbows, please see a doctor. Maybe your elbows need some advice of the physician. Regarding feeling heavy vibration, that is fine because it is just that you are being observant of the vibrations which are happening all the time in your body; in every part of the body. But because we are so inert and so sleepy, we do not feel these things which happen to us.

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