If All Is Done By Nature, Then What Is The Use Of Intellect?

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Q: Namaste Gurumaa, Lord Krishna said everything is done by nature and egoistic person thinks himself the doer. If all is done by nature then what is the use of intellect? A: Well, your intellect too is part of the nature & this intellect comes in three varieties: sattvic, rajasic, tamasic. So you are going to behave according to the nature which you have created. Your socio, family back ground & your upbringing, nurturing, each thing adds upon your nature & you are going to behave as per your conditioning and this conditioning of the mind is the nature. So it is not that you are a puppet of someone and it is not like that some one else is pull your string. You are what you have created of yourself; you are how you have been made off. These two things might look different but actually they are very much interconnected.

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