Jeevan Ki Ghadiyaan Birtha Na Kho

83832 views | 18 Jul 2009

Beautiful Hindi bhajan 'Jeevan Ki Ghadiyaan Birtha Na Kho' in Anandmurti Gurumaa's melodious voice. Om, the eternal symbol of the Omniscient since time immemorial, is the source of everything. The chanting of Om creates very strong positive vibrations. It is a very powerful tool which helps us overcome obstacles and afflictions. It gives us strength in adversity and the courage to face trials and tribulations with fortitude and equanimity. To hear Gurumaa chanting this beautiful ancient mantra is a privilege and a powerful experience indeed. This bhajan invites the listener into a deeply contemplative mood and its thought-provoking lyrics call upon the sincere seeker to wake up from the darkness of ignorance into the radiance of Self.

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