करो गुरू को समर्पण, गुरू ही ज्ञान है

7019 views | 10 Dec 2023

Complete surrender to the Guru is not a choice that a disciple has but a necessity to execute the spiritual journey, within and without. Although, surrender is often mistaken for the submission a servant has towards his master who remunerates him in return, but in reality the surrender to a Guru is akin to that a lover has for his beloved. It is not a profitable dealing, in fact it is not even a gross deal. This video is special and salient as revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa puts emphasis on this topic as Guru is akin to Gyana and one cannot reach the zenith of it until he has learned the art of pure submission. Like they say when faced with a storm, bend down. It is your only saving grace.

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