क्या है मन को बलवान बनाने की युक्ति?

5733 views | 17 Nov 2023

Have you ever wondered if the course of our lives is truly in our hands, shaped by the deeds we choose to perform – whether virtuous or otherwise? If so, can we fortify our mind to firmly tread the right path, free from all fear, doubt, confusion, and inner turmoil? Get the answers to these intriguing questions as revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa imparts life-altering sutras that help dismantle all the anxiety, confusion, and weaknesses inhabiting one’s mind – thereby, strengthening the mind and sharpening the intellect. In this regard, while expounding upon the true significance of yogic practices, compassionate Gurudev not only elucidates the methodology involved but also demystifies the profound mechanisms that lead to transformation in the practitioner’s mind and body. Watch this insightful video excerpt to unlock the secret to a strong and resilient mind!

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