Shall We Strive For Self-happiness Or For Happiness Of Others?

289 views | 11 Dec 2009

Q: What should be our goal, is it our happiness or making others happy? Anandmurti Gurumaa: Be happy yourself first. But when I say be happy yourself, I don't mean that you should eat your lunch first and forget about others or you should take your property share first from your father, enjoy money and be happy and forget about your father. Happiness is not something which is dependent on people, things, objects, money, fame, etc. Happiness is a very pure experience. It is something which one experiences when one goes within. Love brings happiness; compassion brings happiness, sharing gives happiness, giving gives happiness. And in this it doesn't matter whether your pocket is full or your pocket is empty because if you know how to share, how to love, how to smile, how to laugh then you are a happy person & when you are happy then definitely this happiness is going to be contagious & people around you will feel the zing of it.

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