This Whole World Is Dream. But Whose Ours Or Gods?

765 views | 31 Jan 2010

Q : Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji says: 'ye sansaar sagal hai supanaa', the translation of this line is that 'this whole world is just a dream'. My question is that whose dream is it? God's dream or my own dream within God's dream? Waheguru. Gurumaa: Waheguru Ji, it is your dream & also it is the dream of Maya Vishishit Chaitanya Ishwar, Ishwar and not Brahma - the Poorna Brahma. It is not the dream of Brahma, it is dream of Ishwar. Ishwar & Brahman are two different entities as the Jivatman & Atman are two different entities. So we can say the world which we are seeing is dream of the Ishwar & in that the Jiva, the individual soul again is dreaming. Thus, there is a composite of many-many dreams happening and that is why there is so much of confusion, ignorance, frustrations because you just live in your dreamy world & you never come out of that. And the one who has woken up from the dream is called Sant, is called Mahatma, and is called the enlightened one.

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