Why Cant We Have Same Pure Feeling For The Whole Society As We Have For Our Mother Or Sister?

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Question: No matter how young & beautiful his sister is, a brother never gets infatuated with his sister on contrary he has the purist of pure feeling towards her. The same brother, however, has completely different feelings towards his wife. This means the power to choose what kind of feelings we wish to have for any other individual lies within us. In other words we can have the purest feelings towards our sister, brother, we can very well have it same for the whole humanity. Then what makes people choose to degrade themselves by having inferior feelings towards others, when they already have the option to choose the best, highest and the richest kind of feeling. Anandmurti Gurumaa: Nazah, things seem to be not that simple as you have stated because the feeling towards the sister is not pure, it is just the matter of fact that the society has conditioned the mind to believe that you cannot ever-ever have any relationship with your sister or mother. So world over the concept is very much prevalent and it is as per the laws of society and not as per the laws of nature. If you see in the animal world, a dog doesnt have any problem to have physical relationship with his sister even when both of them are born to the same bitch. Dog wont ever find it awkward even to have relationship with his mother, when he grows up from a pup to a young dog. But in case of humans society rules, morality, ethics, religion, so many roles are being very prevalently dominion on the mind and the mind has been trained to believe so that you cannot have such kind of relationship. If you can have access to some cases in the legal courts about this matter; these cases most of the times do not reach the court of law as somehow they are quashed just at a very primary level; but there have been cases where a brother has molested his sister or even father has molested the daughter.

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