Learn To Live

2389 views | 28 May 2011

A fakir once asked the king, "Who lived in your palace before you were born". The king replied, "My father" and on asking as to who lived before that, the king replied, "My grandfather." The fakir then asked the king, "Who will live in this palace after he Expires". The king replied, "My children and then my grand children". The fakir said that in that case this is not a palace but an inn. A place where people come, live and go, is called an inn. With this anecdote, contemporary mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa rebukes one and all to look at the reality of life which culmiantes in death, and leaves all with the question -- are you ready for death? Exactly three years before death, it sends its message of its arrival. But who gets this message and is there a way to learn the mechanism to know this? Watch the video to get the answer.

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