Mann Di Ardaas

409910 views | 25 Apr 2020

'Mere mann di suno ardaas'; the master in this heart-wrenching ode to the beloved, puts into words the inexplicable agony and fear of the unknown, instilled in every seeker's mind in the quest of his beloved. In the rainless desert of this ruthless apparent world, the only solace one finds is in the embrace of the Lord. This world offers nothing but melancholy and deceit. The hedonic charm now no more casts a spell on the heart-broken seeker. He only yearns to spend every moment in reminiscence of his beloved Lord. For the ultimate unison with the beloved, the seeker has to walk on the lesser travelled and mystical path of the brave. The mind is thus soaked in fear of the unknown. It is prone to falling deep into its own created delusions and fallacies. Thus, the master in this composition reveals the pure and desperate yearning in the heart of the seeker. It encapsulates a sincere, grievous moan from the depths of his heart to the Lord, to hold his hand and lead him out of the labyrinth of delusions.The seeker thus prays in surrender, 'Your love alone is my life. May my mind remain unwavering and firm and go on singing praises of your glory and grandeur. Keep me in your embrace forever my Lord. Nothing belongs to me, nor is mine. I relinquish myself in your lotus-feet. Embrace me. Free my mind of all fears and delusions and let me unite with thee.'

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