Meaning Of Vedanta Bhajan Bindu Mein Sindhu

9168 views | 26 Oct 2021

Revered master explains the sublime Vedantic wisdom encapsulated in recently released track 'Bindu Mein Sindhu'; a beautiful piece of poetry penned by revered Master Anandmurti Gurumaa herself. Listen & imbibe its meaning and next time when you sing along you will delve deep into these Vedantic pearls of profound wisdom, for they speak of none other but your own innate truth. The unspeakable vision is akin to a drop of water containing the whole ocean in itself. Haan Mohe Achraj Ek Dikhaaye Re Kaise Bindu Mein Sindhu Samaaye Re Rahat Akaar Basat Anantar Chhaaya Te Jag Pragataaye Re Nayan Shravan Bin Lasat Sunat Kaise? Aap Hi Aap Batlaaye Re Aap Hi Natiya Aap Tamasha Aap Hi Aap Bhulaaye Re Aap Hi Bandhan Aap bandhaaya Aap Hi Aap Chhudaaye Re Aap Hi Gyani, Aap Agyani Aap Hi Aap Bujhaaye Re Aap Hi Shabda Aap Hi Sunta Aap Hi Aap Sunaaye Re

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