My Aastha In My Deity Has Gone Down After Meeting You? Is It Love For You?

2318 views | 27 Oct 2009

While doing Yog Nidra part II, I saw Gurumaa in place of Lord Shiva. From young age I am bhakt of Durga Maa Nenadevi but since I have met you, my aastha in Durga Maa has gone down. Bus aapke bina kisi ko dhoop karne ka bhi man nahi karta. I have no much love for Lord Shiva, is this the reason, I saw you in mandir instead of Lord Shiva? Tell me the true & right path. master Anandmurti Gurumaa :- Anju Singh, at the moment I would say you have not any love even for me or you had in past any love for Durga or Shiva because if your love towards Maa Durga is firmed, is resolved, is confirmedly deep enough then there is no chance that it would change for any one else. There had been some people that after meeting me their love for Durga increased. Now that is their opinion, this is their perception, not mine. But as per their perception they would perceive me as personification of Maa Durga. They could worship Maa Durga in me & the same goes for Shiva devotees. It is not that after meeting me they stopped worshipping of Shiva. But in your case, it is something very strange which I am reading. You arent making me very happy by writing this. I would have admired your feelings only when if you could have incorporated me in the holy Gods, Goddess in whom you had faith once upon a time. But this just shows that you are a pretty fragile person. You are not very determined, very clear person and your insights are very muddy. Anyhow Anju Singh, just know this that the divine consciousness which is functioning in this whole universe is called Durga and that very divine consciousness in its silent & abstract form is called Shiva. And Gurugeeta says that Guru is personification of Adhishakti & Adhiguru Shiva himself. So there is no need to drop your faith & worship for Maa Durga or for Lord Shiva. On the contrary Shiva, Durga and I are one and so are you. You are not different from Shiva, or from Durga or from me. But you still have to realize this highest truth. May God help you to work on yourself!

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