Nataraja - Ecstatic Expression Of The Eternal

12252 views | 03 Apr 2013

Devotee reveres Him, seeker seeks Him, Master celebrates Him and the celebration never ends. It touches & stirs all those who long for Him. Such soul stirring expression by beloved Anandmurti Gurumaa is Nataraja. The ecstatic dance of Shiva, the entrancing names of Shiva, the rapturous chants of Shiva, this is what Nataraja encapsulates in the captivating voice of the mystic master. Call it a loving adoration or an enthralling outpouring it just beautifully celebrates the all-pervading shiva tattwa. Its exuberance enchants & invites one to get drenched in the flowing cascade of Shiva's ecstasy. It spells pure bliss. Open your heart, chant along and dance to its exhilarating beats. Let the reverberation of chants & music ascend you to the realms beyond mind. Let it connect you with the omnipresent shiva tattwa. Let it fill your life with grace & grandeur of Nataraja.

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