Please Guide Me On My Present State On The Spiritual Path.

1442 views | 02 Jul 2009

Q : After shri yantra puja by flowers and chandan and chanting shri vidya mantra, shri suktam stotra, I perform sakriya dhyan prakriya and enjoyed deep meditation. I have darshan of shri yantra and durga and shiva temple as well as gates of our Ashram during my visit on your birthday, as well as sanyas day. Maa! Please guide me for further progress in my spiritual growth. Mafatbhai Prajapati A: Mafat, whatever you are doing is fine but you still have to arrive to that state where there is no action happening in the body and no thought is moving in the mind, no emotions or feelings in the heart and there is no debating discussion or mental verbalization of any scripture, any stotra or any mantra and yet you are conscious, awakened and joyful. Keep doing silent meditation more and move from words to the depth of the meanings.

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