Progress On The Spiritual Path

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Question: After my last visit to Ashram I have been able to continue my routine & by your grace I regulated yoga and Guru mantra jap and when I am doing jap my mind keeps on thinking about episodes in the office, I don't find peace even after jap. If I do Yog Nidra then surely I fall asleep there is also this fear that my sadhana will discontinue and I don't want to carry the heavy load of abstinence from sadhana in the mind. Please give me proper guidance of what should be the proper course for me. Anandmurti Gurumaa: Sai Laxmi, there is just one thing which is required to have a regular dedicated sadhana and that is your honesty. If honestly you want to do this, you will be able to do this. Else, if your mind is too much attached to the things & the mundane activities which you are doing everyday in the office or otherwise, that's why you are rethinking or replaying those episodes in your head, it just shows that you are not very much keen to do your mantra. Give yourself a break; this thinking mind too needs rest. Do give some rest to your mind.

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