Ram Ramjhani Yaari Jeev Ke

5430 views | 09 Sep 2013

Uninterrupted dwelling in divine remembrance is a great blessing ensuing deep love and longing, coveted by devotees and seekers alike. But as long as the mind is wandering in the world lured and enticed by sensory pleasures, how can it even think of or remember the Lord. And for the divine seekers, what is so beautifully expressed in the featured bhajan by Yaari Sahib is but an articulation of the exalted state of being. It encapsulates the profound mysteries of inward journey, including the insight into the mysterious functioning of prana and its sub-types meticulously unravelled by the revered master. This has been drawn from the talks by Anandmurti Gurumaa during Rishikesh Retreat, 2012.

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