Rangi Rangala Shrirang

37651 views | 21 Feb 2014

This ecstatic abhanga (bhajan in Marathi) is from the great woman mystic Mahariji, who was a disciple of Sant Chokha Mela of Maharashtra. Her intense devotion and ardent love for Sri Krishna whom she lovingly called as Vithobha has been so exquisitely expressed in it and it touches the inner heart igniting the longing to be one with the Beloved. Lovingly sung by beloved master Anandmurti Gurumaa it brings alive the experience of Mahariji visiting the temple of Pandharpur where the veil of duality was shattered bestowing upon her the most exalted state of samadhi. Dance in ecstasy with the exhilarating rendition drawn from the discourses held at Nashik, February 2014.

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