Satgur Tumre Kaaj Savare

181658 views | 05 Jul 2020

“Satgur tumre kaaj savare” these eternal words are the gift of Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji Maharaj, coming straight from the depths of his oneness with the supreme truth, and his incomparable love for the Master. A spellbinding poet and incredible master; in this shabad, Gurudev showers all with the conviction, enthusiasm and fearlessness to walk on the path of truth. Each word of this shabad imparts strength, and testifies the firm calmness and complete protection which abides in the sanctuary of the truth, of the Lord. Thir ghar baisahu - O seeker of truth, be calm and still, seated within your own true home, the home of your real Self - Atman. Be seated here, with centeredness and poise, without a slightest tension, because all your endeavours will be perfected by the Satguru, who is the epitome of perfection himself! The evil minded, the cruel, all will be dealt with by the Supreme Lord, who forever preserves the honour of his Saints. O seeker - why worry? Even the greatest Kings and Emperors are under the control of that Eternal Sovereign Lord, who is your protector! Simply drink the sublime immortal nectar of the Naam (Lord’s name), the elixir of elixirs! O lover of the Lord, drop all your doubts and fearlessly meditate on the Supreme - join the exalted company of the realised ones, and be bestowed by this gift. I have entered the sanctuary of the Supreme Lord, the knower of my inner world. Nanak says, that he has firmly grasped the support of the Supreme Lord, who is the foundation of all that is - now what more could be desired?! I am safe, I am one with the absolute existence. This shabad is a boon for all who are on the path of spirituality - the exquisite poetry of the perfect Guru, emphatically testifying - Do not be disheartened O seeker! The obstacles and darkness will not defeat you, for your True Master’s endless grace and protection is with you eternally! Rest easy in your true home, fearlessly remembering the Lord, and drinking the immortal nectar of truth. The True Guru has eternally and beautifully resolved all your affairs of this world and the next! Listen to this blessingful shabad, sung by the revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa, and feel the calmness of your true Self rise up within you.

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