Shiva Bhajan | Kaun Laya Ye Barat Hai

27643 views | 12 Feb 2015

Rendered melodiously by beloved master Anandmurti Gurumaa during Shivratri Celebrations 2014 at the ashram, this bhajan has deep mystical significance. The celebrations take on a different hue and the dark moonless night comes alive as the ‘marriage’ of Lord Shiva and his consort & disciple Parvati takes place, symbolising the coming together of cosmic energies, both masculine and feminine. The mesmerising music and simple yet tantalising lyrics in combination with Anandmurti Gurumaa’s mesmerising rendition cast a magical spell as one vividly imagines the entire dramatic scene, with the motley assortment of strange creatures accompanying the marriage party! Dance to the wonderfully energetic beat and sing along – celebrate your existence!

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