Silent Mind Can Feel And Experience God

2081 views | 05 Apr 2010

Q: Gurumaa, I am a working man. How can I feel God everyday but it should not be my imagination? Please give me the steps through which I can feel his power, can understand Him what he want to say and much more. Gurumaa: Well Tejinder, Why do you think that God wishes to talk to you? You don't create this halo about yourself that God should teach you or talk to you & say things to you. You need to feel God - that's your question - but I say that you need to feel yourself first, who you are, what you are; you need to communicate with your own mind, you need to understand your own mind & you need to be with yourself in peace, in silence. Only a silent mind can experience the Godliness as such. God is not a human being who will talk & you will listen and God will listen to what blabbering you are going to do in front of God. You need to understand so much, so much about this & you really need to listen to some of the satsangs which are available on the website, please do so.

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