Supne Aaya Bhi Gaya

51403 views | 18 Dec 2017

Supne aaya bhi gaya' - This shabad of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji is full of deep love hymns for the Lord. The intense longing to meet the Lord resonates in this shabad, a heart which is aching and paining prays to the Lord so as to get some relief by his Darshan. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji uses an analogy of a woman who is pining for her husband and wishes to meet him but she feels inadequate to appease her husband. A devotee is in vairagya crying to meet the Lord and trying to make the mind suitable for the divine meeting. 'Supne aaya bhi gaya' You came in my dreams, I cried heartful. I cannot come to You nor can I send someone to You. O blessed dream, come so I may see my Beloved again in my sleep. O sister, rains have come, peacocks are making ringing sounds, Thy eyes are enchanting. It brings greed in the greedy mind. To see Thy face to sacrifice everything upon Your name, I am proud because of You, without You I have no pride. Break the arms with bangles on the side of cot, as even after decorating myself, my Beloved has forsaken me. Neither beautiful bangles neither thick bangles, arms which are not found wrapped around my Beloved, let those arms be burnt. All the friends have gone to relish the Beloved, where should I, the burnt one go? O friend, I might be very deserving but what if the Beloved doesn’t like me? I have braided my hair, parted in centre, place a vermillion colour there. But on meeting my Beloved, he discarded me, now I will pass away in my pain. I am crying, with me whole world is crying, birds in forest too are crying. But my longing is not crying, the longing which has separated me from the Lord. What shall I offer to the person who will recite me stories of my Beloved. I would offer my chopped head to Thee and serve. Why wouldn’t I die and give my life away if my Beloved gets estranged from me?

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