Techno Savvy Programs For Progress In Meditation: Are They Effective?

2664 views | 09 Jul 2009

Q: Pranam Maa! What do you think about the programs promising to speed up the progress in meditation? They correct the holosync and equisync brain wave patterns effortlessly. They are expensive with 100% guaranteed efficacy. Gurumaa: Dear Joe, I would really admire that the technologists, one fine day will be able to make a breakthrough and create a program that we wire it up on someones head, click a button and wallah! You get enlightened, you experience nirvana and you come into that wow moment as labelled by the Americans. The tradition and methodology of meditation requires a very conscious effort and this conscious effort cannot be replicated by some technologist. One thing is very sure that if anyone comes out with a product in the market, they have to publicize it and they have to say great things about it but in my own personal opinion, all these so called programs which say that they can change the brain wave pattern effortlessly. May be they can do, may be they cannot do but meditation is not just the change of the brain wave pattern. The changes in brain waves can be brought about even by using Ayurveda. There are some herbs from which drugs can be concocted which when consumed can give you the experience of great stillness and calm, they can make you feel as if you are flying and can make you see psychedelic lights and so on and so forth. Although these drugs have no side effects still Yogis do not recommend the usage of such Ayurvedic herbs as well, as anything that is artificial. Because artificial will remain artificial. So, let's say if a program can generate particular brain wave patterns which will give your brain the experience of meditation, what would happen when these programs are lost or are corrupted? Your meditation would be gone! This is something like a gimmick to me, when people are short of time and are in a great rush to achieve great things in short span of time, everyone wishes to have such a short cut, a tape, a CD, a blessing etc. Anything that is well publicized, well marketed and well advertised somehow manages to grab your attention. See, it did catch your attention as well, thus making you ask me this question concerning these programs aiding in meditation by effortless alteration in the brain waves. I have nothing against such programs but I definitely have a very strong opinion that just the brain wave pattern changes cannot be called meditation. Anything that takes away your liberty, takes away your freedom cannot give you the taste of liberation. These programs might give you great experiences but still, you are bonded to them and any kind of bondage cannot make you taste the freedom. This is my point of view and you are free to use such programs if you wish to. That is your choice.

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