Too Many Problems In Meditation...

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My name is Jayesh and my problem is that whenever I sit in meditation, I am facing 3 different problems. 1) My head is paining too much and I need to sleep. 2) My senses are going out of control and I am not able to control my mind. 3) Many a times, I feel I am out of consciousness. I feel I am out of this world; I feel I am not being in this body; I am feeling detached...... Gurumaa: Jayesh, you have too many problems in your body & if you wish to go into meditation first you will have to clean your body. Come to the ashram, learn the cleansing techniques and then prepare well first. If body is sick & mind is exhausted, fragmented, & frustrated, how can you enjoy your meditation? Meditation will just become an excuse to sit idle & then go into the sleep. Well, if you wish to go to sleep then its better to lie down on a bed & have a good sleep. Then why do this drama of sitting in meditation & why asking this question also. You need to look back, look within & also have a look in your mind, in your body, in your senses and sort it out first what you really want to do. If you wish to run after the senses to gratify it, then do that, why sit in meditation? If you wish to play game in your mind hence then that is your choice. But if you really wish to clear up this whole mess which your mind has created then may be come here to the ashram for some time but make a point that come here for minimum of 15 days. Live here, learn here, grow here & then live your life beautifully.

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