Value This Precious Life

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The sole purpose of an infant is crying and satisfying his gluttonous mood. But is our life any different? Even after attaining maturity, most of our time is wasted in sleeping, regretting or satiating our hunger. Whether we eat too little or too much, we regret. The one who marries, repents and the one who does not, also repents. Our life has become a synonym of regrets. Saint Kabir says that the night is wasted in sleep and the day in eating. We do not realize that this life is extremely precious; time is constantly passing and unless we change our ways and learn to live the right way, this life will be wasted. Are we leading a hedonistic life or progressing on our spiritual path? Are we just accumulating fragile things or are we eagerly thinking about our sadhana? In this video, contemporary mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa explains the need for a great deal of introspection to get the answers.

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