Way To Increase Happiness Within

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Q: Gurumaa, I am having two very wonderful experiences: 1. I feel that we all are one and the same, just like electricity is flowing through everyone. 2. I am not different than I was 5 or 10 or more years before. I never change... whenever I feel this, everything in my mind is erased and I become blank. Nothing in this world bothers me... My question is what should I do to immense it? I like this and my aim of life is to be one with joy. Gurumaa: I don't know what you are doing but may be whatever you are doing is working well for you. So keep on doing whatever you are doing and what can you do to deepen it more, just chew on it, drink on this experience and don't worry about the future; whether this thing will continue with you or not or will go deeper or not. This is again your mind which is playing the game. Be with this moment, the moment of joy and the moment of wisdom.

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