What Are The Means To Stop The Habit Of Stammering?

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Q : Maa, can you please help me out of stammering. Stammering has made my life a hell. Does control of the mind stop stammering? Gurumaa: Mind control has nothing to do with your stammering, Visham. Well, whosoever gave you your name is explaining the troubles which you are going through. Visham means difficult may be you should think of changing your name also. Stammering can be cured with some asanas which I can not tell you now. For that, you will have to come here to the ashram or may be I can just name it for you. Apart from the basic asana routine, if some one can teach you singh garjanna & omkar gunjan and in pranayama, nadi shodhan & ujjayi pranayama, then stammering can definitely be cured.

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