What Do My Experiences During Dhyana Indicate?

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Question: I attended the sadhana shivir for Gujarat & Maharashtra. During one of the sittings of Kirtan Dhyan, I had a very different experience. Initially, I did not move my body but when you started the Shiv Kirtan, within me a thought arised suddenly 'rudra avatar'. Moment the thought came, I started dancing, shouting, running violently. My body was not within my control and I felt that it was going to burst. I felt as if something had come within me. Also I was murmuring - "SATGURU mere hai, mere RAM hai, Satguru Ram ke swaroop hai, unse badkar Koi Nahi". So my question is, what does this indicate? Gurumaa: Nothing, it is just a catharsis which happened to you in that particular session, and this is a very usual and normal thing which may happen to sadhaks at a certain time during their spiritual practice. So, good for you. Do not think that you made it happen, and do not wonder when it would happen again. If it happened—then fine, if it doesn't happen—then fine. Everything is a blessing, and everything is coming to give us something. We should receive it, say thank you and move on.

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