What Is The Reason For Feeling Terrified At Night?

586 views | 05 Apr 2010

Q: Sat Shri Akal, today I need your advice. I have a cousin who is an avid Gurbani listener. Lately at night when she is asleep, she is experiencing like someone has put their whole weight on her body. She is terrified and believes it is supernatural activity. I don't believe this because before she goes to sleep she does paath (devotional reading of scripture) and Gurbani is played throughout the night. So can you tell what to do? Gurumaa: Harshbir, it is not a question of how much paath you do, how much Gurbani you listen to. Certain problems are related to the mind & our mind is the biggest disease creator. And the regressive mind can not only create bad spirits in its own mind, will rather believe that there is a bad spirit. And then may be your friend would one day run towards some baba & get cure of this bad spirit, who is pinning her down at the night time. Well, the bad spirits are not the free entities. They must have something more important to do then bother your friend at the night time. Ask her about her real problem. That might be something else & there is also possibility that it is her body & her mind in combination creating this ill feeling in her. She needs to sort out both of the conditions.

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