What Is The Significance Of Sensations At The Base Of Spine?

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Q : There are no words in my dictionary to say thanks to you for giving us the knowledge to understand about this life and live happily. Since I started meditating for about a year, I am feeling / experiencing some sensation in the eyebrow centre, base of spine and crown/ brahmarandhra. Is this normal, Guruji? I am not doing anything other than meditation, japa and prayers. I don't know any yoga. Please explain why this is happening? While working also I am experiencing these vibrations. A: Dear Sudha, it is fine that you are continuing your spiritual practice & whatever sensations you are feeling in your head or in the base of your spine, are just signs of the energy working. You say that you do not know any type of yoga, but you are actually already doing yoga. Even doing japa is yoga; bhakti and devotion too are yoga. Yoga does not mean just ashtanga yoga where the asanas & pranayamas are involved. Yoga means when you are involved, when your mind is either with the mantra or with your breath or with the mudra, you are doing yoga.

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