What Significance Stones Play While We Practice Meditation?

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Q: I place an aqua aura stone on my third eye, a rose quartz on my heart chakra, a hematite on my base chakra, and a stone that I can't recall its name on my sacral chakra while I meditate. Last evening, while meditating, I experienced myself being pulled inward very quickly and saw a kaleidoscope-like design in my third eye (it was green in colour). I recall feeling very frightened when this began to happen and telling myself that I was safe and to allow it to continue. I can't recall what I experienced next but I can recall being in that place for quite some time. Can you help explain what had happened to me? Thank you so much. Gurumaa: Truth is this Linda, the stones don't have powers. Stone is just a piece & your mind is more alive then a piece of a stone. But I don't know what kind of theory or what kind of philosophy you are practicing. May be it is good for you, but in my opinion, what ever you experience was not because of the stones which you have kept on your heart & eye & base chakra. This is nothing to do with that. Some times accidentally or coincidently people do gain good experiences because good, bad, evil everything is right there in your mind. The devil & the God are present in your mind. The positivities are godliness & anger, lust, greed, ego are the negative energies which in the Christian ideology is called the devil. So both are there & some times when mind is quiet and calm some good experiences may happen. But these experiences are just happening at the level of the mind. It can't be called meditation.

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