What To Do On The Last Day Of Anushthan?

1742 views | 30 May 2011

Question: My name is Kumar Shreshth and I am Mechanical Engineer (23 yrs old). I regularly watch your episodes of GURU GEETA on internet. In one of the episodes, you described about anusthan. After watching that episode I started ANUSHTHAAN but now I don't know what to do on the last day of anushthan. master Anandmurti Gurumaa, please guide me as I am so anxious about this. Gurumaa: Maybe Kumar it is too late, because this question must have arrived in my site for a long time. As I was traveling, I couldn't answer at the earliest. But still, for your information, nothing special on the last day of Anusthan, just do your mantra jap with more ardent fervour and devotion, and maybe distribute food or mithai to children or maybe serve old people. This would be the day of thanks, the day that you would be able to celebrate what you have achieved and the day that you would be able to share the bounty with everyone else and get their blessings too.

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