What Would Be A Sincere Attempt To Come Out Of Misery?

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Q: I observe there is a great deal of pain accumulated in the body and fire element is observed to be enveloping almost the entire body. I also experience some sort of serenity and stillness at superficial level. This pain has the potentiality to make me miserable depending on situation unless I dis-identify from my mind and see it for what it is. On the other hand mind seeks pleasure (this forms the basis of confusion, hypocrisy and fear) in all its various forms to avoid facing this pain. To a certain extent this is a helpless condition. What would be the sincere attempt to come out of this misery and approach pure serenity and calmness? What factors would play an important role in this journey? Anandmurti Gurumaa: Sumit, it all depends upon you whether you really wish to come out of your agony and frustration. Sometimes I have seen people begin to love their frustrations and they just go on and on into it. They really do not want to come out of it because they cannot live without it as now they have got habituated with it. And if you are not one of those, then please join my next upcoming Shivir in Rishikesh in the last week of December. You can get the details from the website. Be there - that would be the first positive step in this journey and maybe I will able to help you use the right ways & the methodology where you can experience pure serenity & calmness.

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