Why Are Bad Actions Considered To Be Done By Man?

327 views | 10 Jul 2009

Question: I am a student and I do not know whether this question is valid or not, but my question is that whatever happens in the world, happens by the will of God, whether good or bad or everything. But I could not understand till today that whatever man does is by God's will only, then how are karma and bad actions done by man? Gurumaa: Karma and good or bad actions do not happen through God, they happen through human beings. The way our mind is, we make choices accordingly and the results of that choice will be ours only. So what is God's role in this? God's only role in this is that he has given us a mind which can think, a body which can do karma, now what we do with this mind and body, this depends on our sanskaras, thoughts and vaasanas or desires. Whatever we do, the results of that do come in front of us. God does not give sorrow or joy to anyone, our karmas stand in front of us, becoming our joys or sorrows.

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