Why Are We Unable To Sit In Meditation Sometimes?

1294 views | 27 Oct 2009

Divya Swami: When I meditate, sometimes I am able to do so, sometimes I am unable to do it. When we chant mantra which swar should be active? Anandmurti Gurumaa: Well, meditation is being done by the mind & mind is always changing colours & hence some days you find it very quiet, some days it is very perturbed, some day it is frustrated, some day it is very agonized to sit and regarding what swar should be on when you do mantra, preferably it is the left one. Left is the Ida, it means cool & restful & it provides the right kind of wave length in your body and also it will have great effect on your mind. And will provide you the right aptitude to do your mantra.

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