Why Do I Feel So Happy During Meditation?

831 views | 31 Jan 2010

Q : Thanks a lot for your guidance and ever lasting love. My question is when I start meditation at first I feel hard to get in but once I get through, it takes long time & really hard for me to get off. I feel so nice during meditation I could have spend whole time in it but I am medical student & its really difficult for me to balance study. Can meditation be in our control? Gurumaa: Why do you wish to have control of everything including meditation? You are lucky, you are very fortunate, you are a blessed person that you initially after the first hard challenge of going into meditation, finally you are able to go through into it & you find it difficult to come out. Don't worry about your study, with the right state of mind you would be able to understand & grasp your academic syllabus in a much faster mode than any other student in your class. When your mind is concentrated, your power to retain those memories also gets enhanced which means that you will take lesser time to prepare for your examinations & you will definitely excel too in your studies. So you need not worry about that.

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