Yoga For Youth

3600 views | 03 Feb 2011

Y' for Yoga, and 'Y' for Youth. Youth is for Yoga, and Yoga is for Youth! Early morning yoga in the outdoors was an added bonus for youngsters attending the 2010 Youth Meditation Retreat at Rishi Chaitanya Ashram. The fresh, pure, fragrant air, the shining dew twinkling on the spacious green lawns and the wonderful sunrise made even the lazy ones get up and be part of this wonderful activity. These sessions not only gave them the energy to participate in all the numerous activities of their packed day but also showed them how to channel their surplus energy creatively. These lucky youngsters got a chance to know about and enjoy the fantastic benefits of yogasanas. They had a first-hand experience of challenging their body and mind as well. On the last evening, youngsters from Lalita Ashram Orphanage and SOS Childrens' Village, Rajpura, who were also participating in the Youth retreat enthralled everyone present with a breath-taking performance, demonstrating complex yogasanas effortlessly with agility, flexibility and grace. They were an inspiration to all the youngsters and received a thunderous round of applause. Watch their scintillating performances and some action-packed yoga in this inspiring video!

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