Journey So Far

Not just hoping for change, but making it happen!

Over a decade ago when the decline in female sex ratio was on a climb, female infanticide was prevalent, and the Indian society was cursed with a son-meta preference, the subject of women education was not even remotely an issue. The adverse consequences of a skewed sex ratio were being plainly overlooked. Since then Shakti has been actively engaged in educating and empowering girls. Even though today the world has moved far ahead from the harrowing history of women’s status and condition; when there is gender activism and awareness along-with requisite efforts in this direction, Shakti continues with its endeavour in bringing about a copious change, transforming and touching the lives of so many women with its all-encompassing support. Here’s an insight into the achievements of Shakti:

Under the Shakti Umbrella

Under the aegis of Shakti, we wish to celebrate womanhood epitomising multifarious paradigms and expressions, realising now more than ever, the need to empower one another to thrive for an overall success. Our sole purpose is to encourage girls to take on the roles of being strong independent women yet remaining grounded to the roots they belong. We aim at providing these songbirds with a voice of their own since we sincerely believe that each one already carries the magic needed to bring about the transformation. The Shakti umbrella not only covers Scholarship programmes but also Diploma courses and Vocational training to support those who wish to take a flight and ascend to the peak of éclat. 

Scholarships uptill 12th class

Shakti has embraced needy girls from all walks of life. Uptill now under the fold of Shakti over 7000 girls have completed their studies uptill Class 12th. With the motivation of its founder revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa, Shakti is moving ahead with a steady pace, touching lives and empowering women with the only best weapon of this century; Education!

Vocational Training

It was realised over the time that although providing education is a stepping stone to their empowerment yet is not enough. To be financially independent women need to be employed. However much success can only be achieved if they turn into entrepreneurs. Hence, vocational training courses harness their potential by honing their skills rightfully. It equips them with the ability to earn their own money in a dignified manner. The Shakti Udaan institutes offer an array of training courses to strengthen women to take the giant leap.

Shakti- Udaan:Your Wings to Fly

Today the Shakti family has grown huge, impacting lives far and wide. The institutes for vocational training are running successfully with more than 14000 girls who have already learnt varied courses -a window to their dignified livelihood. Motivated to become monetarily self-reliant the girls also pledge that they will never go in for foeticide, nor allow or encourage others to do so. And that once financially able, they will support another needy girl’s education. The wheel of transformation continues to roll with impending momentum.

Lives Impacted

Having created a significant impact in more than 26000 lives today Shakti stands proudly tall with its huge family.

Awareness Campaigns

Besides providing scholarship and training, Shakti, a movement spearheaded by Anandmurti Gurumaa, works at various levels for raising awareness and educating society at large towards equality of human beings irrespective of sex. Some of the initiatives are:


CEAP- Their Window to the World

More than ten years ago, as part of the Shakti program, a dedicated team from Rishi Chaitanya Ashram undertook a project to generate awareness about computers usage, reaching out to all the Govt. Girls Senior Secondary schools in Sonipat district as well as surrounding villages. With laptops, a trusty tough vehicle and great enthusiasm, they would travel for hours on bumpy dirt tracks to reach remote villages so that they could share with students the opportunities that knowledge of computers could open up. 
So far 5000 girls have been helped through CEAP, Computer Education Awareness Program and almost 6000 girls have been provided educational grants.


Book & Album

Series of talks by Anandmurti Gurumaa on equality of women dealing with various social prejudices and practises have been compiled in a book titled “Shakti” – which is available in four languages, English, Hindi, Gujarati and Telugu.
Project Shakti’s signature album, ‘Suno Suno Meri Awaaz’ is a musical tribute to all women by revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa which was released in the year 2010. With a special track by Palash Sen of acclaimed rock band Euphoria, this album truly celebrates women and womanhood. Listen to the amazing lyrics, feel the energy, rejoice!


Stage Shows

Short, poignant and hard-hitting dramas - ‘Kudiyaan Je Na Jamiyaan’ and 'Jug Jug Jiyo' were presented under the dynamic guidance of the revered master. The former was performed during the celebration of Shakti’s fifteenth year while the latter is a 90 minute drama that weaves socially relevant themes of female foeticide and the stigma faced by unmarried pregnant women into its powerful story. Inspired performances, touching moments and a reverberating call to change biased perspectives were the scintillating highlights of these plays peneterating deep into the female psyche.


Shakti-the brand

To generate awareness about the heinous practice of female foeticide still rampant in India, the Shakti brand of merchandise was created - Shakti T-shirts with powerful slogans, caps, track pants, yoga wear and more. Colourful jute bags, beautifully hand-crafted candles at Diwali and organic handmade soap are other popular additions. All proceeds go to Shakti Vidya Nidhi Kosh. 


Fund-raising dinners and high tea

Model, dancer and choreographer Jessy Randhawa and her team gave a scintillating performance based on the title track of the revered master’s album ‘Suno Suno Meri Awaaz’, to mark the 10th year of Mission Shakti, a grand event felicitating several women achievers in various fields. A video of the same track was choreographed by talented choreographer Sandip Soparkar.
Another special evening had well known singer and performer Daler Mehndi keeping listeners enthralled with his heartfelt renditions from Gurubani.


Children for Shakti 

Three compassionate little girls from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh - Sara, Bhakti and Deeksha aged 6, 7 and 12 yrs resp. saved and pooled their pocket-money in July 2014 for Shakti. They lovingly presented their piggybank to the revered master, wanting to help needy girls of their age to attend school like they did.
Likewise, in Canada, three enterprising siblings decided to raise funds for Shakti. They painted banners advertising the cause and put up a lemonade and cookies counter for passersby on a hot summer day. To make a difference, they sent their contribution all the way to India.


Rendezvous with the Master

Blossoming faces, shining eyes, hopes and dreams. Shakti girls from all over India are invited to visit the Ashram along with a parent or guardian, with Shakti sponsoring their fare. Several of them have no idea as to how their school fees is being sponsored, so meeting their unknown benefactor face to face is an emotional moment indeed, both ways. They candidly share their joy, struggles, poems and heartfelt expressions and return home confidently, thrilled to be a part of the Shakti family.


Bond of Love

Youngsters from Lalita Jyoti Ashram Girls Orphanage, Gannaur, Haryana share a deep bond of love with the revered master. From time to time institutional aid has been provided to this orphanage. A Tata Winger 14 seater mini bus was also gifted to the orphanage to facilitate the travel of the children. 
Khushboo Welfare Society in Gurgaon, Haryana, is a non-profit NGO doing commendable work, committed to serve people with mental and multiple disabilities to empower them, by making them self-reliant through academic, vocational and therapeutic programmes. Aid has also been provided to facilitate the good work being done by this organisation.


Acknowledging the efforts

No award can equal, measure or be a substitute for compassion, love and a spirit to serve. Nonetheless, acknowledgement of efforts not only motivates every team member but also equally inspires the other factions of the society to contribute their bit. IndiaEye IHRO, NGO in consultation with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, requested revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa to accept the Karuna Saraswati Award 2016 for exemplary contribution to society and felicitation of women acheivers in various fields.